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Beacon Web Portal

Beacon server features a web portal to facilitate access to all related services.

It provides links to a bunch of other web applications so that you don’t have to remember their respective locations and port numbers.


The web portal server is launched by the beacon-server process. By default it’s started on port 9010.

You can change port or disable with the option --homepage-port (0: disable).

Access on beamlines

The web portal is accessible on beamlines at:

`http://BEACON_HOST/` or `http://BEACON_HOST:9010/`

Port 80

On beamlines the web portal is accessible on default http port 80 thanks to nginx (installed by ansible and configured as a reverse proxy).

Beacon services

  • CONFIG: Beamline configuration web application
  • LOGS: Beacon logs (Bliss sessions errors)
  • STATUS: Multivisor (beamline status)
  • Bliss online documentation
  • Bliss repository on ESRF’s gitlab

The web portal can be customized to provide additional links specific to a beamline.

  • Beamviewers
  • Wiki…

Customization (soon)

The web portal can be configured through beamline configuration by editing the YAML file at beamline_configuration/__init__.yml.

This way you can add beamline specific links, logos for beamline or laboratory…