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Galil motor controller

Supported features

Encoder Shutter Trajectories


  • url: controller hostname or IP address
  • model_id: can be: DMC50000 DMC52000 DMC4000 DMC4010 DMC4103 DMC4200 DMC30010 DMC2103 DMC2105 DMC1802 DMC1806 RIO47000 EDD37010


Tested models are for now: DMC4010 and DMC30010

Axis parameters:

  • name:
  • channel:
  • steps_per_unit:
  • velocity:
  • acceleration:
  • unit:

YAML configuration file example

-  class: GalilDMC
   plugin: emotion
   module: motors.galil.galildmc
     url: galid42b
     eol: "\r"
   model_id: DMC30010
    - name: leg1
      channel: A
      steps_per_unit: 26222.2        #
      velocity: 1.4                  #
      acceleration: 2.8              #
      unit: mm                       #

Specific Configuration

  • export mode only ?
  • read/write from/to a config file ?

Controller Configuration ???

  • limit_switch: LOW_LEVEL | HIGH_LEVEL
  • home_switch: LOW_LEVEL | HIGH_LEVEL
  • latch_polarity: LOW_LEVEL | HIGH_LEVEL
  • sampling_period: Sampling period of the control loop in ms
  • vect_smoothing: only for DMC_2000 models ?
  • vect_acceleration: acceleration rate of the vector in a coordinated motion sequence. default value is 262144
  • vect_deceleration: deceleration rate of the vector in a coordinated motion sequence. default value is 262144
  • vect_slewrate: speed of the vector in a coordinated motion sequence. Default value is 8192
  • axes_count:

Axis Configuration ???

  • motor_type: is the motor type, default value is SERVO. Values can be:
    • SERVO: (1) : Servo Motor
    • INV_SERVO: (-1) : Servo motor with reversed polarity
    • STEPPER_LOW: (2) : Step motor with active low step pulses
    • INV_STEPPER_LOW: (2.5) : Step motor with reversed direction and active low step pulses
    • STEPPER_HIGH: (-2) : Step motor with active high step pulses
    • INV_STEPPER_HIGH: (-2.5) : Step motor with reversed direction and active high step pulses
  • axis_ratio`:
  • encoder_type: the quadrature type or the pulse and direction type. Default value is QUADRA. Values can be:
    • QUADRA: (0): Normal quadrature
    • PULSE: (1): Normal pulse and direction
    • REVERSED_QUADRA: (2): Reversed quadrature
    • REVERSED_PULSE: (3): Reversed pulse and direction
  • kp: Proportional Constant. default value is 1.0
  • ki: Integrator. default value is 6.0
  • kd: Derivative Constant. default value is 7.0
  • integrator_limit: limits the effect of the integrator function in the filter to a certain voltage. For example, integrator_limit 2 limits the output of the integrator of the A-axis to the ±2 Volt range. default value is set to the maximum value (9.998)
  • smoothing: Independent Time Constant. default value is 1.0
  • acceleration:
  • deceleration:
  • slew_rate:
  • off_on_error:
  • error_limit: the magnitude of the position errors for each axis that will trigger an error condition. default value is 16384
  • cmd_offset: bias voltage in the motor command output. default value is 0.0
  • torque_limit: the limit on the motor command output. For example, torque_limit of 5 limits the motor command output to 5 volts. Maximum output of the motor command is 9.998 volts. default value is set to the maximum.