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Watchdog objects are used to follow wether detectors involved in a scan have the right behavior.

For this purpose, a callback class inherited from WatchdogCallback has to be registered in a Scan.


This callback has 4 possible methods:

  • .on_scan_new(): called when the scan starts
  • .on_scan_end(): called at the end of the scan
  • .on_scan_data(): called when new data is emitted by the scan
  • .on_timeout(): called basically when the watchdog timed out


With this method it can be checked whether received data are what is expected.

Ex: to check if detectors received all triggers. In case of a detector’s misbehavior, an exception can be raiseed. All exceptions will bubble-up except the StopIteration which is treated as a normal stop.


Timeout callback is called if no other event happens between the watchdog_timeout. i.e: if no more data are received and we reach the watchdog_timeout.

To stop the scan, an exception like in .on_scan_data must be raised.


In the constructor of this class, watchdog_timeout, which is the minimum calling time of the method .on_timeout of this class, can be specified.