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MCCE (Module de Command et Control des Electrometres)

Acessible via serial line, using proprietary ASCII protocol. Each module can handle up to 2 channels.

The parameters of the serial line are: 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, 9600 bauds

Manifacturer: NOVELEC S.A.

Example YAML configuration file

class: Mcce
    name: mcce1_ch1
    address: 1
      url: "rfc2217://ld231:28100"
    name: mcce1_ch2
    address: 2
       url: "rfc2217://ld231:28016"
    name: mcce2_ch1
    address: 3
       url: "rfc2217://ld231:28017"
    name: mcce2_ch2
    address: 4
       url: "rfc2217://ld231:28017"


address should be unique, predefined in the hardware integer, starting from 1.

serial can be either ser2net or Tango url

The plugin for this controller is bliss.

   plugin: bliss
should either be in __init__.yml in the same directory or added to the above configuration.