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Configuring an IcePAP motor controller

This chapter explains how to configure an IcePAP motor controller.

Supported features

Encoder Shutter Trajectories Linked axes

Specific IcePAP controller parameters

  • host: controller hostname or IP address

Specific IcePAP axis parameters

  • address: int, motor input channel
  • autopower: bool, automatically switch on/off power on axis

YAML configuration file example

  class: icepap
  host: iceid2322
      - name: mbv4mot
        address: 1
        steps_per_unit: 817
        velocity: 0.3
        acceleration: 3
      - name: camx
        address: 34


Each controller: line can be prepended with - to configure multiple controllers in the same YAML file.


Beacon needs the emotion configuration plugin for motor controller YAML files interpretation.

It is common to add an init.yml file with: plugin: emotion in the top directory of motors configuration YAML files. Another possibility is to add plugin: emotion directly in each motor controller YAML configuration file.

Encoder configuration

Encoders directly plugged in the IcePAP controller can be configured directly in the YAML configuration file.


An encoder can be defined on its own (Encoder object), or can be associated to an axis to add some extra checks when motion is done: for example, an exception can be raised if final position does not correspond to encoder position.

Specific IcePAP encoder parameters

  • type: to set which encoder to read.
    • ENCIN: rear incremental encoder
    • ABSENC: rear SSI interface
    • INPOS: front panel encoder
    • MOTOR: electrical phase of the motor
    • AXIS: nominal axis position
    • SYNC: backplance SYNC input register
  • address: encoder input channel


See icepap documentation for more info.

Encoder YAML configuration example

  class: icepap
  host: iceid42
      - name: mbv1enc
        address: 25
        type: ENCIN
        steps_per_unit: 1e5

More information about Encoder objects here

IcePAP Shutter configuration

The IcePAP controller can be put in shutter control mode (using IcePAP LIST MODE), to operate opening and closing of a shutter. This is done by moving back and forth a stepper motor between two pre-defined positions. The change is trigger by an external signal.

For details, see: Shutter configuration

Linked axis configuration

IcePAP controller can link several axes together, creating a new virtual axis managed directly by the controller itself. A linked axis applies motions to underlying linked motors. Linked motors are considered as real (as opposed to the virtual axis).


icepapcms has to be used to create a linked axis in the controller

Specific IcePAP linked axis configuration

  • class for axis has to be LinkedAxis
  • address is the name of the linked axis, has defined with icepapcms

Linked axis YAML configuration example

    class: icepap
    host: icebcu21
      - name: linked_axis1
        address: linked_axis_name
        class: LinkedAxis
        steps_per_unit: 200
        velocity: 10
        acceleration: 20