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BLISS stands for BeamLine Instrumentation Support Software.

The BLISS project started in December, 2015 inside the Beamline Control Unit (BCU, Software Group), and comes within the scope of the ESRF Extremely Brilliant Source upgrade program (ESRF-EBS).

The BLISS control system provides a global approach to run synchrotron experiments requiring to synchronously control motors, detectors and various acquisition devices thanks to hardware integration, Python sequences and an advanced scanning engine.

As a Python package, BLISS can be easily embedded into any Python application. BLISS data management features enable custom scripts to perform online data analysis.

In addition, BLISS ships with tools to enhance scientist users experience:

  • a web portal to get access to BLISS applications
  • a centralized logs viewer
  • a configuration application
  • a powerful command line interface
  • an online data visualization application