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Micos Motor controller

This Bliss controller has been only tested with a Taurus controller (Firmware version 2.39) model and a Micos UPR160 AIR stage (air-bearing rotation stage).

Configuration example

     class: micos
      url: ser2net://lid102:28000/dev/ttyR0
    name: micos
    description: EH2 micos motor controller
    - name: ths
      number: 1
      steps_per_unit: 1 
      velocity: 60
      acceleration: 100
      low_limit: -10000.0
      high_limit: 10000.0 
      low_endswitch_type: 2
      high_endswitch_type: 2
      hw_low_limit: -10000.0
      hw_high_limit: 10000.0
      tofrom_endsw_velocity: 5
      to_reference_velocity: 10 
      action_at_powerup: 32
      cloop_on: True
      cloop_winsize: 10E-3
      cloop_gstbit5sel: True
      cloop_trigopsel: 0
      cloop_wintime: 1.2E-3
      encoder: $ths_enc
      check_encoder: False
      home_position: -129
    - name: ths_enc
      number: 1
      steps_per_unit: 65550

above example works in case there is a __init__.yml in the same directory containing

plugin: emotion

The configuration encoders entry is optional, but if you want to perform continuous scans using the FSCAN framework ( for instance, this is the only way to read the encoder resolution to convert the encoder steps into user unit.

How to initialize the Micos controller after power off

After switching on the Micos motor controller and the compressed air we must execute this function (via reset_axis()). This command not only initializes axis with the last saved parameters, but also moves axis to some place and set position to be 0 there.

Therefore after reset_axis() call, we must proceed to home search:

CDI [14]: ths.reset_axis()
CDI [15]: ths.home()
Moving ths from 100.02 to home
CDI [16]: 'ths` dial position reset from 124.639175 to 0.000168
'ths` position reset from 5.639128999999987 to -119.0 (sign: 1, offset: -119.000153)

Further reading at ESRF