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Symetrie Hexapod

Configuring a Symetrie Hexapod motor controller

This chapter explains how to configure a Symetrie Hexapod motor controller.

Supported features

Encoder Shutter Trajectories

Specific Symetrie Hexapod controller parameters

  • version: 1 or 2 (optional, should be detected automaticaly but recommanded)

Specific Symetrie Hexapod axis parameters

  • role: virtual axis in 3D -> 3 translations and 3 rotation.
  • tx: X translation
  • ty: Y translation
  • tz: Z translation
  • rx: Rotation on X
  • ry: Rotation on Y
  • rz: Rotation on Z

YAML configuration file example

class: SHexapod
version: 2          # (optional)
    url: id99hexa1
    - name: h1tx
      role: tx
      unit: mm
    - name: h1ty
      role: ty
      unit: mm
    - name: h1tz
      role: tz
      unit: mm
    - name: h1rx
      role: rx
      unit: deg
    - name: h1ry
      role: ry
      unit: deg
    - name: h1rz
      role: rz
      unit: deg