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Gpib Device Server

Launching the device server

Let’s make it easy and see how to launch the device server:

(base) user@beamline:~/bliss$ conda activate bliss
(bliss) user@beamline:~/bliss$ export TANGO_HOST=localhost:20000
(bliss) user@beamline:~/bliss$ Gpib -?
usage :  Gpib instance_name [-v[trace level]] [-nodb [-dlist <device name list>]]
Instance name defined in database for server Wago :
(bliss) user@beamline:~/bliss$ Gpib Gpib_server
Ready to accept request


With Beacon

The configuration of this device server is written inside Beacon as an yaml file, here we have the example:

- tango_name: id00/Gpib/1
  class: Gpib
    beacon_name: myGpib
personal_name: Gpib_test
server: Gpib
  • tango_name: is the Tango Device in the form domain/family/member
  • personal_name: this will be the name you will use in the command line to launch the Device Server using Gpib personal_name
  • beacon_name: should coresponds to another Beacon object defined in yml that will define Gpib mapping and host.