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Microdiffractometer (MD2-S, MD3, MD3-UP) Motors

Micro Difractometers designed by EMBL and commercialised by ARINAX are used to perform crystallography experiments. In bliss their control is separated in two parts: motors and equipment. The configuration below only concerns motors.


Some information about the device:

Supported features

Encoder Shutter Trajectories

Underlining Control

There is a java application, running on windows OS, which provides an API with Commands and Channels. Bliss is interfaced to this API via the Exporter Protocol - TCP/IP sockets communication, using ASCII request and replies.

Example YAML configuration file

  class: MD2
  module: mx.md2
  exporter_address: "widxxmicrodiff:9001"
        name: sampx
        root_name: "CentringX"
        steps_per_unit: 1
        name: sampy
        root_name: "CentringY"
        steps_per_unit: 1
        name: phix
        root_name: "AlignmentX"
        steps_per_unit: 1
        name: phiy
        root_name: "AlignmentY"
        steps_per_unit: 1
        name: phiz
        root_name: "AlignmentZ"
        steps_per_unit: 1


The configuration yml file should provide those parameters:

  • class: always MD2
  • exporter_address: should contain hostname:port - the name of the computer where the java application runs and the socket port configured in the application.
  • axes should map name of each motor object in bliss with root_name defined by the API.

Usually the only parameter that needs to be changed is the exporter_address.