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Keller Pressure Transmitter

Yaml sample configuration

- name: keller_1
  module: keller
  class: PressureTransmitter
    url: rfc2217://lid032:28008
  address: 250
  - counter_name: k1_p
    type: P1
  - counter_name: k1_t
    type: T1
  • controller name (mandatory)
  • module name (mandatory = ‘keller’)
  • class name (mandatory = ‘PressureTransmitter’)
  • serial line configuration (mandatory)
  • serial line url (mandatory)
  • serial number (optional). If given, the connected keller must match the expected
  • address (optional, default=250 meaning use the transparent address). Most times don’t need to give it.
  • list of counters
    • counter name (mandatory)
    • counter type (optional, default=’P1’). Available types: P1, P2, T1, T2, T. Most kellers only have P1 and T1