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Configuring a AMC100 piezo motor

This chapter explains how to configure a piezo motor from Attocube.


To use AMC100, the conda package attocube_sdk (available on esrf-bcu conda channel) has to be installed.

conda install attocube_sdk -c esrf-bcu

YAML config file example

 - class: AMC100
      host: lid15amc100
        - name: pz
          channel: 0
          type: ECSx5050        # positioner type
          close-loop: false     # default
          target-range: 100     # window size for the closed loop (100nm)
          autopower: true       # default
          steps_per_unit: 1000. # μm
          amplitude: 25000      # 25 Volts
          velocity: 1000     # here is the movement frequency (here 1kHz)


Only tested in open loop (for now)