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Elettra / ePicea 4 quadrant diode BPM

Elettra refers to picoammeters designed at Elettra and commercialized by CAEN CAENels

The models this controller deals with are: * AH501D aka epicea ePicea * AH501B


This section explains how to configure the Elettra electrometer to get BPM values as counters.

YAML configuration example

- class: Elettra
  module: tango_elettra
  name: el2
  uri: //id42ctrl2:20000/id42/elettra/ss1
  - counter_name: el2x
    measure: Y
  - counter_name: el2y
    measure: Z
  - counter_name: el2i
    measure: integration_time
  - counter_name: el2n
    measure: samples_number
  - counter_name: c1
    measure: current1
  - counter_name: c2
    measure: current2
  - counter_name: c3
    measure: current3
  - counter_name: c4
    measure: current4
  - counter_name: ctot
    measure: current_total

Tango Server

This controller requires the ElettraElectrometerDS Tango server to work.

To install the server, use the package called elettraAH in blissinstaller. To measure current_total install revision >=1.24

A conda package will be provided in the next future.


MCL [2]: el2
Out [2]: ePicea - model AH501B 1.0.0 - tango server //id20ctrl2:20000/id20/elettra/ss2

                   Full scale range: 0.0025 A
                   Measuring offset: [0. 0. 0. 0.] A

                   Last measurements:
                            current1: 4.419684410095215e-07 A
                            current2: -3.4582614898681642e-06 A
                            current3: -3.0305981636047363e-06 A
                            current4: -5.78761100769043e-06 A
                    integration time: 0.10 s
                   number of samples: 64
                                   X: -0.4902543439939562
                                   Y: -0.09660035255603118

                   The device is in RUNNING state.

To set the measuring range, give maximum current value you expect to measure in Amps:

MCL [15]: el2.range
Out [15]: 0.0024999999441206455

It is highly recommended to setup measurement offsets, for each different measuring range. One can specify the integration time in seconds, default is 1. offset_reset() command will clear the offset values.

``` MCL [17]: el2.offset_measure() MCL [18]: el2.offset Out [18]: array([ 4.37120973e-07, -3.46098937e-06, -3.03161606e-06, -5.79075649e-06]) MCL [19]: el2.offset_reset() MCL [20]: el2.offset Out [20]: array([0., 0., 0., 0.])