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PACE 6000 used with Regulation plugin:

YAML configuration file example

- class: Pace
  plugin: regulation
  name: pace_ctrl
      url: id15pace6000:5025
    - name: pace1_in
      channel: 1
    - name: pace2_in
      channel: 2
    - name: pace1_out
      channel: 1
    - name: pace2_out
      channel: 2
    - name: pace1
      input: $pace1_in
      output: $pace1_out
    - name: pace2
      input: $pace2_in
      output: $pace2_out

Opionnaly, unit can be specified for each input/output channel. If not specfified, unit is read from the controller, otherwise it is set on the controller. Supported units by the controller are : “ATM”, “BAR”, “MBAR”, “PA”, “HPA”, “KPA”, “MPA”, “TORR”, “KG/M2”

In the above example:

  • pace1_in will be the inlet pressure (this is also the maximum pressure which can bet set)
  • pace1_out will be the current output pressure


In the Bliss session import the Loop object (ex: pace1).

Access the controller with pace1.controller.

Access the associated input and output with pace1.input and pace1.output.

Perform a scan with the regulation loop as an axis with pace1.axis.

Ramp to a given setpoint temperature with pace1.setpoint = 200.

Change the ramp rate with pace1.ramprate = 10.

If ramprate is set to zero (pace1.ramprate = 0), the controller will reach to the setpoint temperature as fast as possible.

Status Information

In a Bliss session, type the name of the loop to show information about the Loop, its controller and associated input and output.

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