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Keithley 3706

Keithley 3706 is a multi-channels multimeter. It is used in DCM to monitor 60 pt100 sensors.

Keithley3706 controller uses pt100 python package for thermocouples temperature reading.


As Keithley 3706 is not (yet ?) a regular ESRF device, pt100 package is not inclueded in BLISS requirements. At ESRF, it must be installed with:

conda install pt100 -c esrf-bcu

Outside of ESRF, the pypi package can be used.


As the K3706 is not a regulator but only a reading device, it is not (for now) included in the regulation framework.

Configuration example:

class: Keithley3706
name: k37dcm
  - counter_name: X1111_7
    slot: 1
    channel: 1
  - counter_name: X1111_8
    slot: 1
    channel: 2


For now, all channels of the 4 slots are read at each count. It takes around 12 seconds.

Usage notes:

  • each slot musst be initialized after a reboot of the device.
  • To perform a reading, a ‘Programm’ has to be ran.