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Machine info

BLISS offers some mechanisms to deal with information obtained from the ESRF accelerator trough MachInfo class.

MachInfo class provides:

  • counters to access to accelerator information
    • sr_mode: operation mode
    • automatic_mode: automatic FE mode activation
    • tango_uri: address of the Front-End Tango device server
  • counters to access to accelerator information:
    • current
    • lifetime
    • sbcurr
    • refill
  • helper functions to implement refill pretection in a sequence
    • iter_wait_for_refill()
    • check_for_refill()
    • WaitForRefillPreset

YAML Configuration example

- class: MachInfo
  plugin: bliss
  uri: //
  name: machinfo

machinfo properties

  • sr_mode: operation mode in: [USM; MDT; Shutdown; SafetyTest; IdTest]
  • automatic_mode: activation of automatic FE mode: True or False
  • tango_uri: address of the Front-End Tango device server
  • counters:
    • current: Ring current of the machine
    • lifetime: Remaining Lifetime of the beam
    • sbcurr: Ring current of the machine in Single Bunch mode
    • refill: Countdown to the Refill

Counters usage in a scan:

DEMO [7]: ct(1, machinfo)
   Thu Mar 09 11:28:10 2023: Scan(name=ct, path='not saved')
            current  =       68.9400      mA (      68.9400     mA/s)  machinfo
           lifetime  =    18986.1            (   18986.1          /s)  machinfo
             sbcurr  =        4.48000     mA (       4.48000    mA/s)  machinfo
             refill  =     1910.00       sec (    1910.00      sec/s)  machinfo

   Took 0:00:01.014416[s]

  Out [7]: Scan(name=ct, path='not saved')

Reading of a particular counter:

DEMO [9]: machinfo.counters.current
 Out [9]: 'current` Tango attribute counter info:
            device server = //
            Tango attribute = SR_Current
            Tango format = "%6.2f"
            Tango unit = "mA"
            value: 8.82

DEMO [10]: machinfo.counters.current.value
 Out [10]: 194.43


MachInfo object shell info provides:

  • url of the tango device used
  • AutoMode status
  • Operator Message
  • Refill check parameters
DEMO [1]: machinfo
 Out [1]: -----------------------  ---------------------------------------------------
          Device Server:           fe/master/id42
          SR Mode:                 USM
          Current:                 198.07 mA
          Lifetime:                84460 s = 23h 27mn 40s
          Refill CountDown:        2619 s = 43mn 39s
          Filling Mode:            7/8 multibunch
          AutoMode:                False
          -----------------------  ---------------------------------------------------
          Operator Message         Jun 13 10:01 Delivery:Next Refill at 11:00;
          -----------------------  ---------------------------------------------------
          Refill check             False
          Refill extra_checktime   1.0 s (added to count time or checktime)
          Refill waittime          4.0 s (time waited after the come-back of the beam)
          -----------------------  ---------------------------------------------------


all_information property returns most of all the machine information as a dictionary:

DEMO [9]: pprint.pprint(machinfo.all_information)
{'Automatic_Mode': True,
 'EXP_Itlk_State': tango._tango.DevState.ON,
 'FE_Itlk_State': tango._tango.DevState.ON,
 'FE_State': 'FE open',
 'HQPS_Itlk_State': tango._tango.DevState.ON,
 'PSS_Itlk_State': tango._tango.DevState.ON,
 'SR_Current': 195.93514894706684,
 'SR_Filling_Mode': '7/8 multibunch',
 'SR_Lifetime': 66281.93637072828,
 'SR_Mode': 'USM',
 'SR_Operator_Mesg': 'Jun  3 12:00 Back to USM',
 'SR_Refill_Countdown': 2034.0,
 'SR_Single_Bunch_Current': -0.04008001020600001,
 'UHV_Valve_State': tango._tango.DevState.ON}

Refill check

Refill check settings:

  • extra_checktime: time added to count_time or checktime
  • waittime: time waited after beam is back. (Typically used for stabilization or reheating)


The simplest way to check for refills is to activate the preset named WaitForRefillPreset by setting check property to True. This will add the preset to the presets of the default chain.

DEMO [37]: machinfo.check
 Out [37]: False

DEMO [38]: DEFAULT_CHAIN._presets
 Out [38]: {}

DEMO [39]: machinfo.check=True
Activating Wait For Refill on scans

DEMO [40]: DEFAULT_CHAIN._presets
 Out [40]: {'MACHINE': <bliss.controllers.machinfo.WaitForRefillPreset
                        object at 0x7f31d188d650>}

This preset will pause a scan:

  • during the refill
  • or if the checktime is greater than the time to refill.

If checktime is set to None, count_time is used if found on the top master of the chain.

Insertion of WaitForRefillPreset preset is done via .check setting:

  • Set it to True to activate refill check.
  • Set it to False to de-activate refill check.


DEMO [6]: machinfo.check
 Out [6]: False

DEMO [7]: machinfo.check=True


iter_wait_for_refill(<checktime>, <waittime>=0., <polling_time>=1.)

Helper for waiting the machine refill. It yields two states: WAIT_INJECTION and WAITING_AFTER_BEAM_IS_BACK until the machine refill is finished.

Nothing is returned if the beam is ok.


for status in iter_wait_for_refill(my_check_time,waittime=1.,polling_time=1.):
    if status == "WAIT_INJECTION":
        print("Scan is paused, waiting injection",end='\r')
        print("Scan will restart in 1 second...",end='\r')


check_for_refill(checktime): Return True if <checktime> (in seconds) is smaller than the refill countdown. ie: return True if a task of length <checktime> can be performed before the refill.


DEMO [4]: from bliss.controllers.machinfo import  MachInfo

DEMO [5]: machinfo.counters.refill
 Out [5]: 'refill` Tango attribute counter info:
             device server = //
             Tango attribute = SR_Refill_Countdown
             value: 6411.0

DEMO [6]: MachInfo.check_for_refill(machinfo, 6300)
 Out [6]: True

DEMO [7]: MachInfo.check_for_refill(machinfo, 6500)
 Out [7]: False