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Deprecated controllers

Those controllers are not part of the standard BLISS codebase anymore. Some of those controllers are Python 2, some others are not up-to-date with latest API, or those controllers are obsolete or not in use – that is why they have been removed from BLISS.

That said, the code is still available in the project history, so a link is kept here (just in case !).

Vaisala HMT330 humidity/temperature controller


    plugin: temperature
    module: vaisala
    class: HMT330
      url: ser2net://lid312:29000/dev/ttyRP20
      - name: hmtT
        channel: T
      - name: hmtRH
        channel: RH
      - name: hmtA
        channel: A


See commit 11cf383f ; files:

  • bliss/controllers/
  • bliss/controllers/temperature/

Leica microscope

The Leica microscope is a device from ID28, connected via USB. The communication protocol has been reverse-engineered to be able to display the microscope image as a video within MXCuBE 2, and to be able to control the different microscope axes from BLISS.


plugin: bliss
class: LeicaMicroscope
module: leica_microscope
name: leica
shutter_predelay: 56e-3
shutter_postdelay: 23e-3
phi: $phi
oscil_mprg: /users/blissadm/local/HardwareRepository/oscillPX.mprg
musst: $musst
musst_sampling: 80
diagfile: /users/opid28/oscillation_diag.dat


plugin: emotion
  class: leica
      name: zoom
      channel: 60
      steps_per_unit: 100
      low_limit: 5.7
      high_limit: 115
      name: focus_coarse
      channel: 70
      steps_per_unit: 1000
      low_limit: -380
      high_limit: 5.28
      name: focus_fine
      channel: 72
      steps_per_unit: 1000
      low_limit:  0
      high_limit: 10.2
      name: iris
      channel: 62
      steps_per_unit: 10
      low_limit: 20.5
      high_limit: 99.5
      name: light
      channel: 37
      steps_per_unit: 0.1
      low_limit: 10
      high_limit: 100


See commit d631d272 ; files:

  • bliss/controllers/
  • bliss/controllers/
  • bliss/controllers/motors/